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Exciting Announcement | Build Progress

We have a fantastic announcement here at Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity:

We have selected the family who will be receiving the home on 630 Iowa Street!

To commemorate this announcement, we have chosen to open reservations for Volunteer build days! We are all but finished on the prep work required to get volunteers on the site, and we are ready to get volunteers swinging hammers. (click HERE to Volunteer for the Build!)

The first volunteer day is projected to be April 16th. Volunteers who choose that weekend to work may get to do some framing and be involved in the powerful experience of setting up the walls of the house! Most of these early build days will be outside, but we are keeping group sizes small to follow social distancing guidelines. To help us keep group sizes small, we ask that you register on this site.

Fridays and Saturdays through May 1st are now open for reservations. Grab a friend and come build!

Below is the progress we made this week!

Trenches being dug for the foundation footers at 630 Iowa Street
The internal structure of a foundation footer.
Completed foundation footer at 630 Iowa Street

Stay tuned for more progress updates and announcements!

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