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Red Day – Keller Williams

This week was big for us here at Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity!

Keller Williams Mulinix team selected to dedicate their Red Day volunteer event to one of our projects. Red Day is an initiative to encourage employee and community engagement through volunteerism, and it was started in 2009 to celebrate vice-chairperson Mo Anderson’s Birthday.

The project they helped with was a ramp built in association with Norman’s aging-in-place initiative, which itself seeks to help seniors with mobility needs remain in their own residence by making the house accessible for their needs.

In many cases, the major obstacle for a person with mobility impairments to remain in their home is the inability to reach public transportation. Thanks to Keller Williams Mulinix and the City of Norman we were able to help this person more safely exercise their independence.

Thanks again Keller Williams Mulinix!

If you wish to schedule a volunteer event, or if you want more information about our programs, please email [email protected]

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