Financial Education & Resources

RRHFR Is Partnering with TFCU for an in person financial education class September 20, 2022 from 6pm-7pm, and September 29, 2022 from 6:30-7:30 at the Norman Central Library

Call 405.360.7868 or email [email protected] to register

Rose Rock Habitat for Humanity is always looking for ways to broaden the spectrum of our impact in the community of Central Oklahoma. With that in mind, we are proud to present a financial education program to increase the financial well-being of Oklahomans in all stages of life—in partnership with BalancePro.

All the financial education programs described below are provided free of charge at!


BalanceTrack is a suite of e-learning modules. By using our BalanceTrack Financial Basics modules, you will learn about checking account and money management, credit reports and why they matter, the psychology of spending, automobile financing, and the risk of high-cost financial services.

Even if you view yourself well-informed on these topics, the world of personal finance is always changing. Consider using these interactive courses to renew your knowledge about these crucial money-management topics.

Also included are online calculators to help you plan for everything from credit card payoff schedules, to auto loans, and projected output from 401(k) investment accounts.

Debt and Budget Counseling

Life happens. Twenty-eight percent of Americans currently have debt in collections, and Rose Rock Habitat looks to help those in budgetary crisis. In partnership with BalancePro, Rose Rock Habitat is offering no-cost access to accredited debt and budget counselors.

Among the services offered by these counselors is a Debt Management Plan (DMP). The DMP is an option for repayment of unsecured debt that can often offer lower interest rates, stop the addition of certain fees, and lower your monthly payments. The credit counselors will work directly with your creditors for you.

These counselors can also look at your current spending and create a plan that will help you be gain control of the challenges you face, so that you can reach your goals.

Student Loan Counseling

Reaching the career many of us want involves borrowing to pay for college but repaying that debt can often seem out-of-reach. Experts at BalancePro can guide you though the complicated loan programs offered to future students and explain your rights and obligations under each, while considering your individual financial circumstances. Counselors are ready to work with you in a one-on-one student loan counseling session.

If you’re out of school, counselors can look at your student loan debt along with any other outstanding debt you may have, as well as your current income. Afterwards, they can help you understand which repayment or postponement options you might qualify for, how you can address defaulted student loans, and help you know if debt consolidation is a good choice for you. Based on your goals and budget, they can help you learn how to approach federal student loans, step-by-step.

Rental Counseling

Are you looking at renting a home or apartment? Do you know what makes a desirable tenant? Rose Rock Habitat—in partnership with BalancePro—wants to help you learn just that! Specialized rental counselors will help you learn about saving money, increasing your income, and reducing your debt.

With our rental counseling program, you will learn how to calculate the amount of rent you can afford, basic tenant rights and affordable housing options, common landlord requirements, and how to understand your lease agreements.

Homeownership Counseling

Are you ready for the next step? Rose Rock Habitat for Humanity is here to help! The idea of buying a home can be overwhelming, but we have experts in your corner.

The early stages of homeownership are often the most challenging. Pre-purchase Counseling—offered by BalancePro—can help you get ready for the added expenses and responsibilities of owning your home. BalancePro counselors can help you review your credit reports, set a reasonable household budget, explain lending requirements, and explain the process of home-ownership.

Rose Rock Habitat also has counseling available on the often-confusing world of reverse mortgages. Before taking out a home equity conversion loan, educate yourself so you can be sure if this kind of loan is right for your situation.

If you own your home and are struggling financially, we’re giving you access to a HUD-certified foreclosure prevention program. Foreclosure Prevention counselors will help you know all your options if a financial crisis threatens your home.

Free For Everyone

Rose Rock Habitat brings people together to build homes, community, and hope. We are proud to offer everyone in our community the power to plan for the future they hope for. These services are provided free of charge at to anyone who registers. Take control of your financial future today!