Emergency Home Repair

Critical and Emergency Repairs provided when needed most.

We step in and step up with services to support our community in time of need and periods of disaster.

We partner with local volunteer and raise funds in the form of grants to support this program. As long as funds and resources are available we will be there to change your hope to help.

How we help!

Emergency Repair Projects (ERP), Critical Home Repair (CHR), and Community Clean-up (CC) help low-income homeowners who struggle to maintain their homes due to limitations related to income, age, disability, or other circumstances. Homeowners and Communities are able to work side-by-side with Rose Rock Habitat to restore their homes with pride and dignity. The program brings together volunteers who put their values to work helping homeowners in need. The end result is homes that are safe and maintained homeowners who are able to continue to occupy their homes, and renewed neighborhoods. Look at the difference!

I need repairs. How do I get involved or apply for help?

Homes are selected for ERP and CHP are based on greatest need, availability of resources, and on the ability of volunteers to help complete the project. We provided a variety of services from minor to major repairs and from the base need to the extreme. If you need repairs view our application to see if you qualify. If you would like to donate, most of our ERP and CHP repairs cost more than $3,500.00 and average around $10,000. Anything you could donate would help. Please see our donation page if interested in help your community with repairs.
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How will you contribute?

We couldn’t fulfill our mission without the help of our generous volunteers.

Become part of the energy that powers our drive toward a world where everyone has a decent place to live today!

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