Family Support

We provide a variety of services from Financial Education to Family counseling and job support.

We partner with local community organizations and have developed our in house programs to best support the needs of each home owner and resident as they grow and thrive within our community.

Financial Education and Family Support

It all starts with a willingness to ask for help. Don’t be shy 🙂 We all need a helping hand sometime!

Financial Literacy Program

RRHFH, in partnership with Oklahoma Community Cares and BalancePro will be offering financial literacy classes for adults, at no cost to attendees.

Every person has a unique financial situation and goals. No matter the starting point or what you want for the future, there are strategies to help adult learners reach their financial objectives.

RRHFH will provide adult financial education resources that help both individuals and organizations. The process starts with an assessment of people’s current financial situations and goals, establishing a plan for accomplishing their vision, and empowering learners with the knowledge, systems, and resources to get them there. The materials also help you identify any behaviors that may be taking people off course and provide guidance on methods that can help them stay on track toward reaching their financial and lifestyle goals.

Classes Include:

  • Fundamentals of Budgeting Workshop
  • Retirement Planning Workshop
  • Personal & Professional
  • Finance Calendar

RRHFH will provide instruction along with computers for use and child care as needed. If you are interested in attending these classes, please check our our web site at: or call us at (405)366-2813

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