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A Conversation With Elle Shroyer

We’re thrilled to share a special post of a recent episode from the inspiring podcast, The Porch. Hosted by Elishea Hyeche Barlow, this episode features an enlightening conversation with none other than our very own Elle Shroyer, Vice President of Donor and Community Engagement at Rose Rock Habitat for Humanity.

For those who may not be familiar,The Porch is a community podcast that  encourages conversation of positivity, sharing of information for learning, teaching and connecting. Elishea, an Occupational Therapist based in Oklahoma City, uses The Porch to engage in discussions that uplift, educate, and connect. Her strong connection to her faith and her commitment to serving her community shine through every episode.

Episode 11 – A conversation with Elle Shroyer, Vice president of Donor and Community Engagement of Rose Rock Habitat For Humanity

In her role as the Vice President of Donor and Community Engagement at Rose Rock Habitat for Humanity, Elle, showcases her dedication to creating positive change. Rose Rock Habitat for Humanity isn’t just about constructing homes; it’s about building dreams and fostering community connections that last.

During their conversation on The Porch, Elle enthusiastically shared the true essence of Habitat for Humanity. The organization is driven by an unwavering belief that every individual deserves a safe and affordable place to call home. It’s this belief that fuels the tireless efforts of Habitat for Humanity, and Elle’s passion for the cause shines through as she speaks. Elle went on to highlight that Habitat for Humanity’s work transcends brick and mortar. It’s about empowering families and communities, instilling a sense of pride and ownership, and creating an environment where collaboration thrives. Through partnerships with volunteers, donors, and local businesses, Habitat for Humanity forms a network of changemakers united by a common purpose.

Make sure to listen! You’ll gain valuable insights into the resources that Rose Rock Habitat for Humanity provides to South Central Oklahoma communities. From educational programs on homeownership to financial literacy initiatives, the organization equips families with the tools they need for long-term success. Elle’s words echo the sentiment that Habitat’s impact reaches far beyond the homes they construct.

Discover the heart and soul of Habitat for Humanity, learn about the transformative power of community engagement, and witness firsthand the beauty of creating not just physical shelters, but also nurturing homes filled with hope and compassion.

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